Five fantastic flooring options

When it comes to your home the flooring is extremely important. It runs throughout your property and is one of the first ports of call when it comes to beautifying the home.

And the good news is there’s plenty to choose from with the flooring.

So what is the right material for you? Of course this is going to depend on various factors such as how the room’s used and whether you have children.

For instance, you wouldn’t want a floor that’s easily damaged when there are three young children running around.

Let’s take a look at the more popular options:


The chances are you have carpet somewhere in your home as it typifies comfort. With so many patterns and colours to choose from there’s an opportunity to set your home apart from the crowd. Carpet is a great insulator too and instantly brings a warm appeal to the room. The bedroom is one area that carpet is a must because of its superb comfort.

Carpet 1
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Looking for a low maintenance and hardwearing, yet cheaper flooring material? Then tile should certainly be considered, especially in rooms where water is an issue such as the kitchen and bathroom. With plenty of styles and colours on the market you can find something to suit your personality too, providing a durable and effective finish.

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Hardwood flooring has definitely become more popular in the last decade because of the beauty it brings to any home. Whilst hardwood is typically less durable than other options, a urethane finish can help keep it resistant to scratching and other blemishes. Hardwood is somewhat popular in living areas such as the front room and dining room, creating a stunning visual effect.

Hardwood floor
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Laminate is a cheaper option for your home which still offers an aesthetic appeal and high level of durability. Laminate is formed from a wooden core coated in a veneer layer to give the effect of real solid wood. There’s minimal upkeep too and laminate is especially suitable for the living and dining area.

Laminate floor
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Vinyl is a cheaper option for the kitchen and provides a cost effective flooring for those particularly on a budget. Whilst you won’t turn any heads with vinyl flooring, you can still enjoy durability and easy maintenance. If you’re looking for practicality and a way to save some money, vinyl is your answer.

Vinyl floor
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