Flooring buyers guide

Throughout your home there’s likely to be a variety of flooring present depending on the room and its purpose. Carpet is a household favourite and brings the upmost comfort, making it a popular addition to bedrooms. Meanwhile you’ll need a more hardwearing floor in kitchens and bathrooms which is water resistant too, bringing about tile as a suitable option. Laminate has seen a huge increase in popularity too in recent times for areas such as the dining or living room.

No matter the room you’re decorating or the floor you’re considering; take a look through our free flooring guide so you can get a better idea of what you need. Flooring specialists will be able to lay the new material so it looks fantastic and you’ll be able to find a cost effective option for your needs.

GUIDE IMAGE GOES HEREFind out everything you need to know about flooring, including the technicalities and regulations with our easy-to-use flooring guide.

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