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Underfloor heating is a technology that has come along in leaps and bounds in recent years, mainly because of the comfort this form of heating provides, plus its energy efficiency. With underfloor heating you have an opportunity to reduce those costly energy bills, whilst heating your room to a desired temperature.

So you can get your head around underfloor heating, take a look through our quick guide below:

How underfloor heating works

Underfloor heating uses radiant heat and ensures there are no cold spots. The entire floor space becomes a radiating surface and air flows aren’t created, as with traditional radiators. As heat naturally rises, it makes sense to have your heat source at ground level.

Choosing your underfloor heating system

When you embark on choosing underfloor heating, there are two types for you to consider. Firstly, there’s the electricity powered heating system which uses thin wires. Secondly, there’s the wet system, which has warm water circulating through a pipe network. Wet systems are connected to your home’s central heating and these tend to be the most popular.


Both varieties of the system are fitted underneath the flooring. If you’re retrofitting, the original flooring will be pulled up and the system installed underneath. This could raise your flooring level by a few centimetres so adjustments could be needed to the doors.

Whatever your underfloor heating, you can choose carpet, tile, stone or even wood for your flooring. It’s perfectly suitable with any finish. As always, it’s best to have a competent installer complete the fitting so it runs perfectly without any hiccups.

How underfloor heating is controlled

Your underfloor heating can be controlled by a thermostat so you can decide the exact temperature at any time of the day. Some heating systems have all the modern gadgetry such as allowing you to monitor energy usage around your home and enter pre-set controls. You may also be able to view your energy spending, which will aid in reducing bills.

Underfloor heating running costs

Running costs of underfloor heating are typically low and really depend on how long the system is in use and your current insulation levels.

Below you can see costs calculated by Warmup for the whole winter period (183 days):


Underfloor heating will heat a room evenly with no overheating or wasting of energy. You can maintain a comfortable and desirable temperature throughout the year, as and when it’s needed. This will help you to slash your heating bill.

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